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Kiyana Salkeld

Kiyana Salkeld

A research-driven UX & Product Designer at BuzzFeed focusing on Tasty and Media Brands, including Goodful. I am adept at translating user goals and needs into clear engineering and product specifications.
Kiyana Salkeld

As an undergrad, I went to UC Berkeley and double majored in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. This major combination led me to focus in Human-Centered Design

After graduating from Berkeley in 2014, I enrolled in the University of Washington's Master’s of Human Computer Interaction and Design program. This interdisciplinary program integrates courses from four departments at UW – the Information School, the Human Centered Design and Engineering department, the Computer Science department, and the Division of Design within the Art School. 

After earning my Master's of Human Computer Interaction and Design, I joined Yelp as a product designer. I was one of two designers working on the Search UX vertical team, which meant that I was responsible for making sure that users are able to search for and find what they need across web, mweb, iOS, and Android platforms. In addition to crafting Yelp's search experience, I also led generative and evaluative user research efforts across multiple vertical teams.

In November 2017 I joined BuzzFeed as a product designer, and my focus has been on Tasty and Media Brands. Over the last 6 months I launched...

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When I'm not tinkering around behind a screen, I keep myself busy by going on long, scenic walks around my neighborhood while I listen to podcasts on politics, culture, art, and comedy. I love making playlists for my friends, and I try to attend as many concerts as I possibly can – the last great show I went to was LCD Soundsystem at Brooklyn Steel.

In addition to consuming ridiculous amounts of audio media, I'm currently searching for a coffee shop in New York that's as dreamy as the La Marzocco Cafe & Showroom – nestled inside the KEXP radio station – in Seattle. If you know of a good spot, reach out and let's grab coffee.